SAS tournament

3rd Annual Scott’s All*Stars tournament


DAY                           TIME       HOME TEAM                                             AWAY TEAM                                                               GYM       

Saturday               9               Midway Middle School                    Bethesda                                                                    MMS

Saturday               10            Snelson Golden Middle School  Savannah Christian Middle School           MMS

Saturday               11            Urban Christian                                   Risley Middle School                                          MMS

Saturday               12            Midway Middle School                    Savannah Christian Middle School           MMS

Saturday               1               Risley Middle School                        Bethesda                                                                    MMS

Saturday               2               Urban Christian                                                     Snelson Golden Middle School                                                       

Saturday               3               Seed 4                                                         Seed 5                                                                           MMS      

Saturday               4               Seed 3                                                         Seed 6                                                                           MMS

Saturday               5               Winner Seed 4 and 5                        Seed 1                                                                           MMS

Saturday               6               Winner Seed 3 and 6                        Seed 2                                                                           MMS

Saturday               7:30        Championship Game


Snelson Golden Middle School                                     

Risley Middle School     

Midway Middle School                                     

Savannah Christian Middle School

Urban Christian



Midway Middle School

425 Edgewater Drive,

Midway, GA 31320

(912) 655-4371                                    ADMISSION: $5                    CONCESSIONS AVAILABLE