1st year History of Scott’s All*Stars

January 15 and February 20, 21, 2010: 1st try-outs, over 20 boys. Over twenty kids came to the three day try-out for Scott’s All*Stars.

February 27, 2010: Mega genesis college trip.

March 5-8, 2010: First Super Regional tournament. Scott’s All*Stars 21, Atlanta Knicks 43Scott’s All*Stars 29, Atlanta Sixers 44 Scott’s All*Stars 19, Atlanta Sixers 40 (0-3)

March 13, 2010: Scott’s All*Stars scrimmage at St. James. All*Stars won the first game 35-22 and second game 27-6. (2-3)

March 20, 2010: SCOTT’S ALL*STARS (10U) “Where Excellence is Expected” CAR WASH. We raised over 800 dollars.

March 27, 2010: Community Service Scott’s All*Stars had our first community service with Hinesville Police Department.

April 1, 2010: “Slat Superstars” from WSAV interview the kids. We also gave awards to our four players that have exceeded what was required. Aaron Kuhl, Marcus Scott V, Jaleel Gilbert, Jerel Smith all had a 90 or above for the 3rd nine weeks.

April 9-11, 2010: Super Regional tournament in Jacksonville. Scott’s All*Stars earned our first Super Regional win going 1-2 in Jacksonville. (3-5)Scott’s All*Stars- 40 Jacksonville Magics- 28 Scott’s All*Stars- 23 TGFB- 47 Scott’s All*Stars- 37 Jacksonville Magics- 38

April 17, 2010: Scott’s All*Stars parents raised over 1000 dollars during our yard sale.

April 24: The boys had their monthly community service activity at Coastal Manor Nursing Home in Ludowici. The boys gave out fruit to the elderly. Shane’s Rib Shack supplied lunch.

May 1, 2010: Scott’s All*Stars- Scott’s All*Stars 38 Brunswick Boys club 24. (4-5)

May 8, 2010: Scott’s All*Stars hosted our first annual tournament. Run and Shoot, Blazers, and Temple of PraiseRun and Shoot-46, Walthourville Blazers-41. Temple of Praise 20 Blazers 37 Blazers 18 Run and Shoot 41Run and Shoot 44 Temple of Praise 37 Blazers 41 and Run and Shoot 46

May 14, 2010: tour of WSAV

May 15, 2010: Willie Glover and Terrance Johnson Classic (5-5)Scott’s All*Stars 54, Long County 3

May 22-23, 2010: Hilton Head (8-5)Scott’s All*Stars 24, Beaufort Sharks 18Scott’s All*Stars 24, Effingham Blue Devils 15Scott’s All*Stars 31, Beaufort Sharks 22

May 29-31, 2010: Charleston, SC (12-5)Scott’s All*Stars win due to United Stars forfeit. Scott’s All*Stars 44, Aikens Warriors 31 Scott’s All*Stars 49, Premier Fighters 22Scott’s All*Stars 38 Premier Fighters 15

June 5, 2010: Community Service Scott’s All*Stars had their monthly community service activity at the Ronald McDonald House in Savannah.

June 19, 2010: Scott’s All*Stars First Annual Banquet “All*Stars at All*Cost”

June 21-25, 2010: Scott’s All*Stars basketball camp at the YMCA

June 26, 2010: car wash raised 300 dollars

July 1-4, 2010: National tournament in Virginia (14-8)Scott’s All*Stars 27, Team 757-Hawks 29Scott’s All*Stars 24, Next Level Elite Black 39 Scott’s All*Stars 40, Future Players Organization 31Scott’s All*Stars 35, United Stars 29Scott’s All*Stars 29, Randaltown Running Rebels 40

2nd year of SAS

September 10-11: SAS YMCA camp. Over 30 campers attended

October 9-10: Camp 2 and scrimmage. 11U Beat Glynn County 12U 26-23.

October 25: Adidas 150 camp. Marcus Scott V invited to national camp in California.

October 31: Purchase two vans

November 13: Boston Butts sale

December 4th and 18th: Wal-Mart fundraisers Drug Free Camp over 50 kids attended

December 25: New uniforms

December 20-23: Christmas YMCA camp over 25 participants

January 16: Marched in MLK parade Liberty 11U win state championship with 6 out of 10 SAS players

February 12-13: Try-outs

February 26: Megagensis-five high school students attended in Savannah

March 12-13: First SAS Spring League weekend 5th graders travel to Charlotte and visit colleges Johnson Wales and Johnson Smith

March 26-27: MSE camp Andre Burnett, Marcus Scott, Russell Dandy

April 10: Community Service at Kirk Healing Center; CRCT prep

April 16-17: SAS Spring League

April 22-23: 17U Atlanta tournament; Drug Free Speaker for high school group

April 29: 11U Atlanta tournament

May 7: SAS Spring League 3

May 13: 13U state tournament

May 22-23: Hilton Head,SC tournament; Teen Pregnancy Prevention

May 29: Disney Classic

June 4: SAS Spring League 4

June 13-17: Attended camp at SSU: Simon Steele; Desmond Brown; Marcus Scott V

June 19 and 26: Walmart fundraiser

June 27-30: YMCA camp

July 1-4: 11U Nationals in Virginia

July 9-10: SAS Spring League Championship

July 18-21: LCRD basketball camp

July 22: 2nd annual SAS banquet

August 4-11: Phenom Camp, California-Marcus Scott V

Scott’s All*Stars organization started on January 15th 2010 with our first tryouts conducted by the president Marcus Scott IV, head coach Daryl West and assistant coaches Khari Collins and Kevin Corwick. The vision for Scott’s All*Stars began when Marcus Scott, IV noticed there was no basketball programs designed for children his son’s age in the Hinesville area. While many thought starting a 10 and under AAU basketball program was a great idea, no one wanted to commit the time and effort needed to start one. Mr. Scott started doing research so he could discover the best way to implement his program.

Although AAU is a great basketball program Mr. Scott realized it lacked one great quality which was an academic component. By not striving for academic excellence along with athletics the players would have a false sense of what was necessary to reach success in life. This is why Scott’s All*Stars not only requires the players to have a passing grade, but also to maintain an 80 average. Scott’s All*Stars teaches their players that average is below average and excellence is what is expected. Mr. Scott also wanted the players to always feel a need to give back to the community, which is why he added a community service element to his program. Scott’s All*Stars is committed to working with all players until they graduate from high school and attend college. Scott’s All*Stars’ goal is for all players to receive a college scholarship for basketball, academics or both! Scott’s All*Stars guarantees that all the original players that remain int he program until they graduate from high school will receive a full college scholarship.

Scott’s All*Stars competed in many tournaments this year. In only our first year we are now a premier (academic) basketball program in Georgia. Scott’s All*Stars is not a AAU program, but an academic program that incorporates basketball and academic excellence along with AAU basketball. All players understand that academics are and always will be more important than athletics.

Head Coach Darrell West lead Scott’s All*Stars to a 14-8 (2-3 at Nationals) record which allowed our team to qualify for Division I, II and III National Championship. We also won the Super Regional in Charleston, South Carolina. We also competed in the Division III National tournament in Hampton, Virginia. We finished 2-3, beating the number one (previously undefeated) team in our pool by nine points. Furthermore, we have surpassed the required grade point average with a team GPA of 87. This is also a remarkable accomplishment, which follows our commitment to academic excellence instead of academic mediocrity. We look forward to expanding to four teams next year.