Goals and Vision


Our vision is to have these young men participate in the program until they graduate high school and attend college. We want to give them the skills and knowledge necessary to receive a scholarship and play basketball on the college level.


1. To build students that are committed to Academics, Basketball training and exposure, Community Service and College, Drug Prevention and Dedicated Mentors

2. To visit college campuses around the country

3. To have all team members on honor roll

4. To provide resources for students who are not performing academically

5. To win a national championship on Division I level

6. To have great role models present for all team members

7. To provide mentor ship to all team members in the program

8. To have team members that improve everyday, in every way

9. To have team members perform monthly community service

10. To ensure all players are drug free

11. Attend church as a group on the fifth Sunday