Letter From President

It is with great pleasure I bring to you Scott’s All*Stars. Scott’s All*Stars program is an Academic/Basketball Program for students who have the potential to attend college and play basketball at the college level. Students must have an 80 GPA, no discipline problems, and perform community service activities. We teach life skills that will prepare them to be successful students and productive citizens. Our mission is “to teach basketball and life skills to a group of young boys in 4th grade that have the potential academically and athletically to play basketball on the college level”. Our vision is to remain with our team members until they graduate from high school by placing them in a mentoring program that will continue to motivate them to reach their athletic, academic and community goals.

We are very proud of our team’s progress this year and the community support. Without supportive parents and community supporters this program would not be as successful. Scott’s All*Stars theme for this banquet is “All*Stars at All*Cost.” This is a fitting theme because in order to be an “All*Star” there is a heavy cost in time, effort, and commitment. Our team participants must perform community service activities once a month, maintain a “B” average, and stay out of trouble. Parents are also required to assist with multiple fundraiser activities, make sure there child is committed to the program, and transport their child to practice at least every weekend. Being an All*Stars is easier said than done! Scott’s All*Stars is committed to helping children academically and athletically, but it requires more efforts from the players and parents. Our parents and players commit to this program for six months and once they become an “All*Stars”, they are always an “All*Stars”. During the off season we continue to mentor our kids with bi-monthly community service and mentoring activities.

When I started this program in January of this year, I stated that it would be the “Premier Program” in Georgia. Now that the program has become a success we look forward to having more participants next year who will benefit from the program. It is our vision that all players will attend college on an academic and/or athletic scholarship. We look forward to continuing working with our future NBA athletes, but most importantly we look forward to continuing to work with our scholarly minded college graduates, who will be able to choose any career they desire. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed in some way to our program. Your contribution, no matter the size, is always appreciated!

Best wishes,Marcus Scott, IV
Scott’s All*Stars

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