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  • There is a $150 ($250 elementary and middle) non-refundable fee to register for Scott's All*Stars program. This fee includes:

    • Use a game uniform
    • Social Awareness Experiences
    • Drug Free Presentations
    • Mentoring 
    • Monthly Community Service activities
    • Monthly Church visits
    • Tutorial assistance 
    • Basketball Skill Development (at least twice a week until from June)
    •  End of Season Event
  • Registration fee is due at the time of registration. All fees must be received before any of the above items or services can be provided. No refunds! Additional donations required by March 1st.
  • Parent/Guardian signature agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Scott's All*Stars, Inc., its Board of Directors, Sponsors, Facility Owners and/or operators from claims, demands and judgments arising at any time your child/children are participating and/or traveling to participate with the Scott's All*Stars Program. Further, I hereby grant full permission to presenters of this program to use any photograph, videotape, DVD recording, or any other record of events for any purpose.
  • Parent/Guardian signature below attest to your agreement to adhere to all the rules and regulations of the facilities events that are held and that you have read this registration form and grant full permission for your child to participate in the Scott's All*Stars Program.
  • Parent/Guardian agrees to volunteer time during Scott's All*Stars sponsored events. 
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